water crisis

Water and the 4th industrial revolution

Talbot recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in South Africa. The company staged two seminars to update the industry on some of the most pressing water risks facing South African businesses. It also showcased opportunities to manage these risks by utilising industry 4.0 technology.


Chocolate and Veri-te, what can be better?

Have you ever tasted our Veri-te® resveratrol chocolates? If you have ever visited Evolva’s Veri-te stand at a tradeshow, you know we have some tasty chocolates made with Veri-te resveratrol. These chocolates are a prime example of how pure and neutral-tasting Evolva’s Veri-te resveratrol can be, thereby not altering the flavor of the delicious chocolate. If you ever…

hair frizz

Bio-adhesion polymer tames frizz

AminoHydrane PDR (Sodium Polyaspartate) from Barnet Products, a Savannah Fine Chemicals principal, is a sodium salt of polyaspartic acid created from the amino acid L-aspartic acid. The ingredient offers various benefits in skin and hair care applications.

Hair Care

Hair Care: Inspired by diversity

With a population of around 56 million and a shifting demographic profile, the South African hair care market presents brand owners and manufacturers with vast potential for growth. Savannah Fine Chemicals offers a wide range of ingredients and formulation technologies for hair care applications.